Nepali Christian Literature Development (NCLD)

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Let us contribute in Nepali Bible study assisting resources together.

The history of Nepali Christianity can be traced back to 1715, when the Capuchin fathers were trying to establish a church under the East India Company. Now, at the beginning of 2021, it’s 306 years old and has been growing ever since its foundation. Despite its 300-year history, the Christian church in Nepal still has a lot to learn although it has already encompassed many different denominations and its ministries and churches are mushrooming. One area where the church is weakest is Nepalese Christian literature. There is Christian literature, of course, but most of it is either of translation or the writing of a particular author on a particular subject. And there are many areas of Nepalese Christian literature which have not been addressed yet.

Therefore, our company has chosen to add to the field of Christian literature in Nepal. We found out that we should contribute by first producing Bible study resources. It is very important at the present. There aren’t many books on this topic, and not a single book authored by a Nepali Christian. Bearing this in mind, we conducted some field research in some of the most popular Christian book stores such as Ekata, Logos, Bardhan and so on. During our research, we have discovered the following:

  1. Handful Commentaries on the Old and New Testaments.
  2. Handful books exploring Nepali and World Church history.
  3. Few Study Bibles in the English language.
  4. Few Biographies.
  5. Few theological books.
  6. Plenty of topical books.
  7. Plenty of Bible and Hymn book covers.
  8. Other decorative and gift items.

The Bible Study assisting resources will provide a very deep understanding concerning the word of God and It will help themselves to be aware and resist the heresies. Heresies are growing here every day. Thus, It will be a great opportunity and privilege to contribute in the field of Nepali Christian literature. And we see great potential in establishing ourselves in this field and work for the Lord.

The first project we want to work on is a book called, What did Jesus say about himself? This book will help believers to be assure in the faith and build them strong in it. For non believers, it will prove that Jesus Christ is the God incarnated and present the gospel. 

This is a great time and opportunity to contribute toward the production of Nepali Christian Literature resources. 

How can you be a part of this project ?

  1. You can tell your friends, family and your church about this project.
  2. You can become our partners and even a one-time donor.

The benefits that we offer you for becoming our partners in this projects are:

  1. We will provide written permission for our partners to raise fund for this project and for the other future projects.
  2. We will give 10% towards fuel expenses, and another 10% as a support from the funds that will be raised by our partners. If our partners raise an exceptionally large amount, they will be given another 5% as a bonus.
  3. He or she will be listed in our website as our official partners of our projects.

You may not know:

  1. When you support this project(s); you are supporting, developing and inspiring some one who is working for the Lord.
  2. When you support this project(s); you are contributing in Nepali Christianity to grow in many aspects.
  3. When you support this project(s); you are creating a job for Christian youths.
  4. When you support this project(s); you become a part of blessing now and in the days to come.
  5. When you support this project(s); you are supporting yourself.
Great opportunity to work for the Lord and towards Nepali Christianity !

 You want to be a part of it, contact us .

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